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Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA)

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Manipulation Under Anesthesia

Life Without Pain Is Possible

Reclaim Your Mobility... Reclaim Your Life. Your Pain Could Be Gone In Just 3 Days

Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA) is a non invasive procedure which can deliver pain relief in just three days. It is a gentle treatment offered to patients who want to avoid the endless cycle of drugs, frequent doctor visits, and even surgery often associated with chronic musculoskeletal conditions. Thousands of MUA patients have recovered from injuries where traditional therapies have failed.

MUA is an alternative for those patients that are not responding to traditional care. MUA is a noninvasive (non-surgical) outpatient procedure offered for acute and chronic conditions including: neck pain, back pain, chronic headaches, joint pain, muscle spasms, shortened muscles, failed surgery and long-term pain syndromes. The MUA procedure is performed by an MUA Certified M.D./D.O. and or D.C., a Board Certified Anesthesiologist/CRNA, and a skilled nursing staff at an Ambulatory Outpatient Surgery Center.

  The Main Goal of MUA is to remodel or break down the scar tissue to free the joint or joints for movement and relieve pain.

The MUA procedure begins with an Anesthesiologist/CRNA lightly sedating the patient. It is the “twilight sedation” which allows the manipulations and stretches that were once difficult to be performed due to pain or guarding to now easily be accomplished without pain. The sedated patient is also more responsive and less apprehensive during their session, thus increasing the effectiveness of their treatment.

Why Choose MUA?

After a traumatic injury or surgery, the body immediately goes to work to try to heal itself. Part of the body’s natural healing process is to lay down scar tissue at the injured site.  Scar tissue formation within a joint can impair mobility sometimes resulting in frequent pain.  Scar tissue also has the potential to entrap a nerve which can cause further debilitating pain. Not only can this scar tissue formation cause pain, but it can also render traditional therapies ineffective.

Common Indicators that MUA is for you:

  •  Herniated / Bulging Disc
  •  Failed Back Surgery
  •  Fibromyalgia
  •  Scar Tissue & Fibro Adhesion
  •  Chronic Sprain/Strains
  •  Chronic Muscle Pain
  •  Frequent Headaches
  •  Torticollis
  •  Injury from Accidents / Sports
  •  Restricted Movement

If you have any of these indicators and have received traditional health care with limited or no improvement you may be a candidate for MUA.

 The MUA procedure is covered by most major medical insurance plans.

For more information to determine if you or a loved one is a candidate for a MUA, schedule your complementary consultation with Dr. Brian Wolstein at Suncoast Total Healthcare at 727-726-1460.